Amazon Returns

How to get an Amazon label for return - not a QR code!

There is no UPS Store within 1.5 hrs of Buena Vista.

In order to process an Amazon return AND be able to bring it Mail Boxes for shipment, here is what you need to know.  While you’re going through the return process on Amazon’s website:
  • Give an honest reason why you are returning the package.  If your return is due to something that is their fault (i.e., “too small”), then you will not have to pay shipping.
  • When you get to the question about how you want to ship the package, choose UPS DROP OFF POINT.

If you ever end up with a QR code, we cannot take those.  Those must be handled by a UPS store.  The UPS warehouse in Salida can no longer process these.  Here are the instructions on what to do.


To reverse the QR code →

  1. In Amazon, go to your orders and find the item you are returning - click on it
  2. Click on:  View return / refund status (If you can’t find this button, see Troubleshooting below)
  3. Click on : Cancel return
  4. Click on : Cancel return (for a 2nd time)
  5. Click on : Back 

Now you begin the return process again →

  1. Choose why you are returning your item and click: Continue
  2. How do you want your refund? - make your selection and click Continue
  3. How to ship the package back to Amazon?
  • Scroll down through the return options until you find UPS drop off Points (not UPS Store)
  • Choose: Confirm your return
  1. Print your label
  • Choose :  Print a copy of your label, - OR
  • If you don’t have a printer, Mail Boxes can print your label for you → Choose email to a friend - and email the label to  We charge $1 to print your label.

If this doesn’t work, you can call Amazon - 888-280-4331.  Tell them you don’t live anywhere near a UPS store, and need a label.  That should work.



You can’t find “View Return/Refund Status” - if you have asked to get a replacement for your item, then you cannot cancel your return and start over.  In this case, just call Amazon at the phone number listed above.  Make sure you explain that you don’t live near a UPS Store, so you must have a label.


Any other problem - just call Amazon.  Make sure you explain that you don’t live near a UPS Store, so you must have a label.

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